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Vibrating sieve FS500x1500

  • Model :FS500x1500
  • Electricity :380V 50Hz, 2x0.2Kw
  • Filtering Layers :1 or 2
  • Diameter of the filtering sieve :2,3,4,5,6,8,10mm
  • Capacity :150-1500Kg/h
Product details

FS series vibrating sieve is an advanced design to separate different sizes of crumbs. Based on capacity requirement, it has many different models. With obvious advantages of high efficiency and low electricity consumption, it is widely used in the food, medicine and chemical industries.

It also have many other advantages, such as simple operation, small size, high output, stable performance, adjustable amplitude, easy clean, smart maintenance, and no powder flowing into the air. All the parts contacted to material are made from stainless steel.

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