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Dough mixer HM200

  • Model :HM200
  • Electricity :AC380V 50Hz,17/11kw
  • Rotating speed :74/37rpm
  • Dough weight :120KG
  • Capacity :each batch 2 bags of flour, for 5 mins
  • Dimension :L1960xW1200xH2000mm
Product details

   Contact part of this dough mixer is made from high quality SUS304. During the mixing, there would be cooling water circulating to keep dough in a low temperature. After mixing, the dough tank can slant and discharge out the dough automatically.

   There is automatic wheat flour feeding and water feeding system, which would ensure the accurate quantity being feed fast. So this machine would performance under very high efficiency.

   Dough mixed from this machine have very good and even structure, which ensures the good quality of end breads. 

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